Air Shipping

Fast and easy Door to Door Air Freight services to any point on the Globe

Sea shipping

Ocean Freight services for Containers , Break Bulk & RORO

Customs clearance

Custom Brockrage and Import regulations services

China in an Instant

China - We will make it simple for you !

Import Licenses

We will take care for all of your documentation and local Import approvals and Licenses for any type of your goods

Fine Art & Exhibitions

We will take care for you, of Packing & Shipping your Art and Exhibitions to any destination on the Globe

About Us

7Continents was founded in 2008 to provide logistical services and meticulous international shipping, with an Emphasis on certain areas of expertise in shipping and supply chain management:

  • Advice and management of global logistical international shipping projects
  • International commercial shipping by air and sea; drop shipping
  • Customs clearance and guidance concerning import standards and licensing
  • Handling of personal effects – relocation and personal vehicle imports
  • Handling of international shipping for exhibitions, events and conferences
  • Shipping and logistical management of works of art and musical instruments
  • Storage and packing

Reliable, quality service

Our guiding values are: transparency, reliability, creativity, and significant added value for our clients. We view honesty as good business practice and are committed to treat our clients in a fair, candid and reliable way.

Optimal solutions

We promise to provide consistent and reliable service that includes a broad spectrum of shipping and logistical solutions tailor-made for the needs and requirements of each


At your service is a team of experts with decades of experience in international air and sea shipping.Or, as in previous document: At your service is a team of international shipping experts of the highest caliber, with collective experience of decades in the field of air and sea freight transport

Availability and speed

As a boutique company, we are committed to providing our clients with the fastest service and maximum availability. When our clients turn to us, we understand that time is of the essence and ensure a quick, effective response to every situation.

OUR TIPS - Coming Soon

Our tips

Tips for shipping by sea

Relocation tips

? How to pack

"האיש הזה והאנשים שאיתו. שירות של מלאכים. אני לא מאמינה שהתברכתי בכל כך הרבה איתכם. אתם לא רק חברת שילוח של תותחים אתם נשמות נדירות. תבוא ברכה על ראשכם. בחיים לא זכיתי לכזה שירות מספק. קצרה היריעה מלספר פה את הפרטים אבל שתדעו ושידע כל מי שקורא את זה: אם יש בקהל מישהו שעוסק ביבוא ויצוא דע שאין ולא קיימת חברת שילוח מקצועית ורצינית יותר מ"שבע יבשות" ועבדתי עם הרבה. אתם לא רק בליגת על אתם המצאתם ליגה משלכם. תודה ענקית!!! רני אתה יכול להעביר את המספר הנייד האישי שלי לכל לקוח שלכם שמתלבט ובאופן אישי אשמח להמליץ לפרט ולהסביר למה הוא חייב לעבוד אך ורק אתכם. תודה!"

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